It was a sudden encounter with visionary revelation that must be shared—and spur the intercessors to stand in the gap immediately.

I was traveling from Awakening House of Prayer D.C. to Awakening House of Prayer New York City on a train. When we disembarked at Penn Station, I saw a sign that said Fire Storm. The sign caught my attention like the burning bush caught Moses’ attention and I was suddenly caught up in a vision.

In this vision, I saw New York City engulfed in what I can best describe as nuclear snow. I saw people running frantically through the streets in terror. Like a camera zooming in for emphasis, I saw a small child with his hands over his ears screaming. In a word, it was chaos.

When I asked the Lord who was launching these attacks, I saw a room filled with military officers. Like a camera panning upwards, I saw the shoes of one man, then the pants, jacket and collar. The uniform was brown and the collar was red. Just then, I was interrupted and did not see their faces.

Unmistakably, the uniform was North Korean. Although North Korea doesn’t have the missile technology to hit Manhattan yet, some weapons analysts argue North Korea could potentially hit New York in the future depending on the trajectory of the launch.

What I saw next confirmed the treat carries greater urgency: North Korea is in bed with Russia.

Historic Ties Between Russia and North Korea

I began researching legitimate ties between these two countries and what could cause them to work together at this moment in history. Immediately, I discovered the history of North Korea initiated at the end of World War II in 1945. When Japan surrendered, Korea was divided at the 38th parallel.

The Soviet Union occupied the north and the United States occupied the south. These superpowers could not come to terms with unifying the country so two individual governments were formed. The People’s Republic of Korea (or North Korea) aligned with the Soviet Union. The Republic of Korea (or South Korea) aligned with the West.

In other words, Russia has had historic ties with Communist Korea since its founding. With this, the dots are starting to connect. In 2003, the Lord told me, “Don’t trust the bear.” I didn’t know what that meant when I first heard it, but the bear is the symbol for Russia.

With the help of the Russians, North Korea is planning a nuclear attack on New York City—and not just New York City but a coordinated attack on other strategic cities in America. These plans will collapse as intercessors stand in the gap. This is not the judgment of God on America but an enemy plan to kill, steal and destroy.

Praying From the High Places

After this startling vision, the Lord told me to go to the top of the Empire State Building and speak to the city and prophesy over the city. Why the Empire State Building? I believe because it is a high place—and because the late David Wilkerson once stationed intercessory prayer teams there. That prayer opened a portal over the city that needs to be reopened. This will take concentrated prayer, but it can be done.

While atop the building, the Lord reminded me New York is known as the city that never sleeps, but it is sleeping. Even after the tragedy of 911, the city at large is slumbering. The Lord said, “The city that never sleeps needs to pray without ceasing.” The enemy’s plans cannot stand where intercession stands. Awakening House of Prayer New York City is praying without ceasing.

There Can Be No Peace with Kim Jun Ung

In the secular media, we are reading plenty about peace talks with North Korea. The Lord showed me there can be no peace with North Korea under this evil regime. Even what may look like peace will not be peace.

Unless God encounters his heart, Kim Jung Un will continue plotting, posturing and planning against the US. He is a cruel dictator among his people, with brutal and inhumane laws in the land, persecution of Christians, and systemic sexual abuse.

Since Kim Jung Un took reign in 2011, he has launched more missile tests than his father did during his tenure. He seems to feel he has something to prove. He reminds me of Rehoboam in the Bible.

After King Solomon died, Rehoboam took the throne. The elders of Israel advised him to speak well to the people to gain their loyalty. His friends told him to rule with an iron first. Rehoboam declared, “My father made your yoke heavy, but I will add to your yoke; my father chastised you with whips, but I will chastise you with scourges!” (2 Kings 12:14)

The Israelites eventually revolted against King Rehoboam. Much the same, Kim Jung Un is ruling with an iron fist, but the Lord shows me his plans for New York City will fail as the intercessors rise up. And his regime will fall. The Lord says there will be a New Korea.

Shields Up: Prayer Points

You may think of other prayer points, but here are a few to start. Remember, we do have Awakening House of Prayer in many cities around the world. We also have Awakening Prayer Hubs, which you can launch to gather intercessors in your city.

  1. Pray for wisdom and discernment US government leaders.
  2. Pray the church in New York City wakes up.
  3. Plead the blood of Jesus over America and New York.
  4. Ask God to send angels on assignment to battle the principalities at war in heavens.
  5. Pray for the overthrow of the evil regime of North Korea.
  6. Pray for the salvation of Kim Jung Un and the harvest in North Korea.
  7. Pray for the reunification of North and South Korea—the New Korea.



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        In 1999 I was standing in an open vision—a living reality amidst the city New York.

        I was standing in an open concrete area with many people looking out over the ocean.

        (Realize what the symbols mean in regards to the day of the Lord—a period of time, a day of clouds thick darkness—great for us terrible for those who resist his loving leadership. Sea/ocean represents multitudes tongues nations those from New York).

        As we looked out over the ocean we saw clouds aligned eerie looking coming in low in formation over the sea. All of a sudden these clouds turned to ice and dropped into the water and, everyone was astonished. Their reaction was actually how “cool” (representing naivety current deceptions). Right then there was a strong violent churning beneath the waters (symbolizing submarines Lord?)… as something came up quickly out of the water—people started screaming and running in all different directions, and yet—I stood there totally calm and at peace.

        Right then a bronze glowing skull landed on my left shoulder (symbolizing death coming to all around me) yet I looked at it and said, “why is this on my left shoulder”? I then blew on it and said “the Lord rebuke you“ as I then realized I was on the right side (death had no effect on me) as I sensed the presence of the Lord at my right side.

        During that period of time I worked as a civil engineer, was out about surveying the land, this vision however continued in tiered faceted evidences all throughout my day, finding many pieces on site, the face of a clock without hands, outdoor survival gear left—at an abandoned multi complex nursery. I entered several small buildings experiencing one extremely hot—into Malachi the day of the Lord cometh burning like an oven and all the ungodly shall be chaft. Another building as entered total desolation finding a mannikins head human hair the eeriest feeling overtaking me—looking down on the ground, then eyes rising to the wall where I saw an American flag hanging torn up tattered yet 1/4 of it was completely burned.

        I’m telling you Jennifer this has many implications that are beyond the immature. Much I am leaving out what I drew upon awakening coming out of vision, clouds. In the basement my sister above in house screaming at me fuse blown entering dark room seeing only glowing light chord hanging amidst darkness to get to fusebox to writing experience outside my sister coming out the door yelling “it’s time to get ready for work!”.

        When I think about Yeshua I understand more than most that “he has a name written on himself that no one knows except himself” Rev.

        There is an attribute and a side of him that none of us will ever know for the day a vengeance has been within his heart—from the days of him reading the prophet Isaiah.

        I am not a doom and gloom endtitus person. I found many other things that day amidst two other witnesses at the nursery survey site. I walked into another shed small building with two other survey workers the whole ground was covered with shellacked pieces of wood;
        I reached down and picked up the first one was Jesus himself—then I picked up a second one and there was a picture of a cabin in a paradise like state. Speaking of our eternal dwellings places we will build for ourselves in the millennial—Paradise, Gan’Eden within our Lord.

        I have studied the word of God for 30 years I understand that there is a premise in Daniel if one shot a nuclear weapon off 15 feet from me I would be shielded like Meshack Shadrach and Abendigo.

        When it comes to the prophets they close out the mystery of God. Rev 10:1-7 |when Isaiah states “I will preform My strange act” that which seems contrary to his nature—what is our part in fore-warning forth-telling—effectively so that we step outside and STOP preaching SOLEY to the choir?

        I understand that we will be doing events in the public outside of anything we have know traditionally.

        I’m connected at Capitol records with one of the greatest studio musicians, Mark Moulin. I am part of Shawn Bolz’s community. We are called into the industry as well. I believe what is written is written and some of it simply cannot be changed. Why do I state that? Because I believe what I saw in 1999 is in process still.

        I’m going to tell you one last dream. I was in the middle of the woods in a clearing, had a blood red SUV. I was standing there talking to John McCarther. To my right a bear was charging at us from the woods. To my left incredible size snakes believe in connotations of Revelation 12 living realities. Though-out Revelation not sequential order yet there are premises already in motion and… unstoppable.
        As I stood there talking with John I implored him to get prepared with the new—In which was in part financially based so we can head out into harvest—miracle financially based. The love of money is the root of all evil and our God is dealing with the bankers fractional lending and the slavery of our nation.
        I was actually trying to shove John McCarther (far-reaching traditional yet needs to change platform, established platform, many listening to him platform), into Blood Red SUV, (Yeshua’s new plans with economic systems tied to one coming public sight and sound event ).
        Dream ended in other words that scenario continues living reality in process—had written to him previously, contacted his assistant, no response.

        Now, found second-witness—you understand what the connotations of the bear charging at us was.

        Point : we need to talk, even about New York… + what’s coming is Ezekiel 3839 sequencing (chapters) and yet geographically—America? how will God make himself known—repeated many times in those chapters, go look.

        I have written to you previously with no response. This is not about me this is about Yeshua and what will really occur entirely regarding the saving of our nation?

        We have leadership to connect pull together so that our nation will turn and this has Southern California roots with other leaders flying in.

        My role is a connector amidst destiny; Spirit takes us all from there, you can look for my previous writing I believe with name below

        Mikael Judah | 773-739-4162

        Bless your heart Jennifer!


    Will America ever pay for its murderous deeds? I will intercede for New York and all other places, but you reap what you so


    Excellent article and great prayer points! Add me to be in intercession for NYC and NKorea.
    Let’s block any attacks by NKorea and Russia with our prayers! Let’s build a wall of prayer around our states and country. Amen


    Last week I dreamed I was in a house & saw a huge bear outside that would come to double glass doors & try to push its way in. I would watch it & run to the door & hold it shut. It was trying to terrorize everything outside. My husband went outside & I asked him if he had his pistol so he could kill the bear. Not sure if this applies to Jennifer’s vision but I prayerfully submit this…Jackie


    Thank you for your faithful service Jennifer. May the Lord protect you as you raise up an army of intercessors. I decree and declare that no arrow of Satan will get through to prevent the work which God has called you to do. Lord send your angels of protection, you hedge of thorns to stop the work to dismantle your House of Prayer. I plead the blood of Jesus over the intercessors you are equipping for the battle ahead. Amen


    On the morning of 14 May I woke with a picture of an unexploded orange bomb. It seems to tie in with this situation. Praying it is defused and decommissioned. Esther

  6. William La Rue

    Thankful that you have the watchman anointing operating with the salt of love and compassion for those who are affected. The love and hope expressed is the validation of Who gave the vision to you and us.


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