During my Mornings with the Holy Spirit broadcast, the Lord showed me many in the Body of Christ are about to enter into their Promised Land. There’s been a season in the wilderness—but they are about to enter their Promised Land. If that’s you, read on.

Here what you have to know now—there are giants in the Promised Land. But here’s what you need to remember: The Lord has taught you in these past seasons spiritual warfare strategies and tactics—and if He hasn’t, you need to learn quickly—because He’s going to usher many of you into the Promised Land.

Those of you that have been in the wilderness—some of you feel like you’ve been in the wilderness for 40 years—you’re about to enter into your Promised Land. You need to fight now a different kind of fight because you’re going from a wilderness field to a battlefield. You will win if you fight because the battle is ultimately the Lord’s.

Here is my heartfelt prophetic prayer over you:

Lord, You’ve readied our hearts in the wilderness, to be willing and able to be obedient in faith to whatever You tell us to do. God, thank you for rooting out of us weed seed attitudes and mindsets that defy Your will for our lives. God, help us to die to self. I ask You Lord, in the name of Jesus, to bring us into that place of promise with a full understanding of our armor.

Lord, teach our hands to fight and our fingers to war and give us supernatural downloads. Give us a fuller understanding of your weapons of warfare. Sometimes, we don’t understand it all, but Lord helpus, teach us, show us warfare strategies, teach us how to fight.

Father, I thank You that You are moving many from a wilderness place to a Promised Land; that You would keep them, preserve them, surround them with those who will fight with them and for them—from awilderness field to a battlefield.

I decree and declare you will not fall to fear the giants in the land. You will not fear them, because God has authorized you for mega victory over every enemy to your wild dreams.

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  1. Julieth

    Amen…..thats the word for this season. I receive it. I will drive out the inhabitant of my promise land . I am victorious over ALL my enemies. Praise the Lord. Thank you Apostle Jennifer

    • Theresa

      Amen 🙏🏾!!!!!

  2. marisol

    fear is a liar

    • Danielle Bedford

      This is what I have been going through. Im believing God for breakthrough, there has been too much delays and hinderances.

      • Jane

        Same here

    • Georgia OConnor

      Praise God I will enter my promised land and have the victory because God is on my side forever AMEN

    • Elizabeth

      thank you Lord! I receive this word.

    • Desiree

      My prayer for you is that God will sustain you and give you more of Him so you can teach us more,, i thank you for your wisdom and sight God Bless you sister jen… From cape town

  3. Maria Kalbaugh

    Thank you Jesus!!!! Amen and amen!

  4. Gal

    Amen. Thank you. Bless you

  5. ALC

    I receive this word Woman of God! God is faithful.

  6. Candi

    Wow! This seems to be the meaning to the dream I had? That I’m moving from a wilderness place to a Promised Land.
    Last Friday I had a dream that I was moving from the forest/jungle and some of people in my life were helping me move including my daughter.The elephants and some other furry animal were moving with me as well, only they were hanging on to the tree limbs because they could not touch the ground for some weird reason that was not revealed. I said to my daughter “Look the elephant is hanging on the tree” and she responded, “There are more on this side,” and when I looked there were about three more hanging on the tree limbs by their trunks and a few, I guess, hedgehogs.

    I opened this email today which I think is the answer to the prayer asking God to reveal the meaning of the dream. I need to say that I did run across all kinds of articles and web sites on warfare and I kept wondering whether I was getting a little too obsessed with reading all that material. Thank you so much for this timely revelation. I feel a great anticipation and fear within me, though I know that God is greater.

  7. Cyndi Hicks Nobles

    Thank you,Lord! Let it be so, in Jesus’ Name!

  8. Dana Crist

    Amen! Thank you Jennifer!!!!

  9. Mrs. Perry

    Blessing on point God is Able Faithful. Fighting the Good Faith. We are Winners in Christ Jesus. The Victor not the Victim. GOT MY ARMOR ON READY.

  10. Camillah Wakesho

    Amen please stand with me we are battling with poverty, and no job I need God to intervene

  11. Elizabeth Thomas

    This is my 40th year of waiting in the wilderness. This word is for me. Thank you – I can believe it!
    God Bless you.

  12. Asel Perez

    Thank u, this is mine. Amen!

  13. WS

    This is another confirmation for me. Thank You Father GOD as I come into agreement with this “prophetic word” from the Lord. Hallelujah!!

  14. Brenda Coble-Mitchell

    I really thank you Jennifer this word is truly from the throne room!!! I needed this !!! Truly on time!!!

  15. J. Farson

    I have been anxiously awaiting and preparing for my entrance into the Promised Land. Thank you for this word in the 7th year!

  16. chelliah

    Good and encouraging article.Amen.

  17. Tab

    I receive the Word of the Lord. Thank you for the Promised Land.

  18. Theresa


  19. Cynette

    Thank U Sis Jennifer!! Awesome Word!!I Receive it NYMN!!Bless U More Abundantly!!

  20. Aundrea Hernandez

    This is Confirmation of a Journal Entry I made on March 18th, Sunday before last! As I drove my daughter to an appointment, I told her of the opposition coming against me from others. My daughter asked why I thought this was happening … I said because I Am Believing for and entering God’s Promises. Just like Joshua and Caleb, we are of a different Spirit. I dropped her off and went to Walmart across the street to wait a couple of hours until she was done. As I sat in the car, a commercial snippet of a sermon came on The Bridge 104.7. The Pastor (do not know who it was) said, “The Promised Land… Be Strong and Courageous. As Joshua and Caleb entered the Promised Land, there were hostilities that came against them, Giants. People who did not want them to move into what God had Promised them … Be Strong and Courageous.” It was only a couple minutes long, but it was confirmation of what I had just said to my daughter not even 30 minutes before! Now this Third Confirmation! And my name means Strong/virile; Brave/Courageous; Manly. I Receive This Word, The Word of The LORD! Thank You Father God! The LORD Bless and Keep You Ms Jennifer!

  21. Ruth Mapaletsebe

    Thank you God for Promised Land, I receive the prophecy in Mighty Name of Jesus, Amen

  22. Unathi

    Glory to the Most High God! I believe and receive the word of the Lord in Jesus name! Bless you, vessel of the Lord.

  23. Brown Mphalo

    Good morning.Am blessed with this powerful word.The Lord is really doing great things in our lives.This is a true word of prophesy upon my life and family.I receive it in Jesus name

  24. Carolyn Alexander

    Thank you Jennifer for this Prophetic Word from God. It’s confirmation of what spoken to be a few days ago. I thank God for your genuineness.

  25. Dana

    Bless you Jennifer for this much needed encouragement-right now.


    No weapon formed against me shall prosper in the name of Jesus! He who waits upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint…Thank you Lord, you are my fortress, my buckler, my shield, in whom I trust.

  27. Samantha Ratau

    Amen And Amen this a word in season for my family in Jesus Name…And we will not miss it,we are entering into the promise land and The Lord has sent an angel ahead of us to prepare the way in Jesus Name.
    Thank You Prophet Jennifer for obeying The Holy Spirit.
    Blessings to you,family and ministry.

  28. Sumathi Pagolu

    Amen! Thank you very much.

  29. Tobie

    Amen and AMEN!!! that is just what I neede. THANK YOU my sister in Christ! God BLESS YOU!!!…. OXOXO

  30. Sebastian

    Dios,estoy aquí pidiendo respuestas, capas que ya las respondiste. Pero me cuesta aceptar algunas realidades, es una verdadera lucha y no es fácil de batallar, espero ver un camino pero me cuesta verlo, no se por donde voy, no hay luz, quiero que me ayudes, por eso te pido públicamente, que me ayudes, te as olvidado de mi Dios? Soy un pecador y necio pero me siento sin respaldo y sin paz, no se que hacer Dios, por eso te lo pido en tu nombre. Amén


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