If you are confused about your purpose, let this word of the Lord prophesy encouragement to your heart. The Lord would say:

“Press into Me and I will unveil it to you. Press into My heart at a deeper level. Stop trying to figure it out in your own mind. It’s not in your mind. It’s in My mind.

“I will share My mind with your mind when you get the clutter out of your heart; when you get the clutter out of the way; when you stop chasing things that other people have; when you begin to understand My purpose and my calling for you doesn’t look like that which you see in your neighbor, in your sister, in your brother; when you begin to stop trying to be like other people; when you stop trying to tap into the grace that is on someone else’s life, and begin to tap into my grace for your life.”

The Lord would say, “It’s a common trap of the enemy to look at others and to compare yourself with others and to wish you were somebody else and that you had somebody else’s anointing.”


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  1. thulani galane

    FATHER GOD I repent of this sin in JESUS Name. I pray YOU reveal YOUR own purpose for my life. I pray and ask of THEE to do this for me in the Mighty Name of JESUS CHRIST of Nazareth Amen and amen.

  2. Edward

    Thank Jennifer for another timely word in this part of my life,I’m the prodigal returning to Abba and trying to find my purpose again,please continue to go deeper and my prayer for you is that You would know every thought,heart beat,and deeper revelation of Abba,thanks again and God Speed

  3. Stephanie

    Wow!!! That’s a good Word from the Lord, Apostle Jennifer! I Sooo needed to hear that. This was for me! Thank you for posting.

  4. John Kinnunen

    Holy Spirit confirmed that this message was for me.
    Thank you Jennifer. Glory to God!



    • Beverly Davidson

      Very good comment Elaine Byrd, that is just where my thinking is, for I had this gift since I was 19yrs. old and now am 75yrs. My aunt had the same gift plus having Jewish, blood in us from my grandmother. I was 37 yrs.old before I was ever told about our Jewish blood line from the fear and stigma of the Nazi so many of my ancestors were murder by Hitler, but the Holy Spirit gave me dreams of the trains of people put in like cattle to the death camps and ovens, I was only sixteen when the dreams and visions came but not understanding them. My dreams and visions really became strong after my bornagain choice to receive Jesus as my Lord and savior. Started in Baptist church but my gift scared them so they said I was from the enemy. Then went to spirit fill church and got the baptism of the Holy Spirit, but still had not been except fully yet. BUT GOD IS GOOD AND CHANGE IS COMING PRAISE GOD.

  6. Georgia Mayfield

    I’m fixing to be 74,at this time I feel like I missed it

    • Dana

      Always hope in Christ. Declare your latter days better than your former. All things are possible with God. Amen! God loves you and is not done with you yet. Believe and claim your inheritance!

  7. Tonia Miller

    wow… a right on time word… ty for hearing for me and many others…. This gives me direction…

  8. Carla Hereford

    This is spot on prophesy for me. I have been dealing with python. I have been working through deliverance from it. It doesn’t want to leave. I rebuke it, but it keeps bringing old wounds back that were healed up. I am so sick and tired of what it’s doing that I am beginning to get fired up about killing it and sending it back to the pit where it belongs.
    Gotta go. I am getting fired up and about to church up in here. It’s final attack has come against me. Got my weapons drawn!! It’s going down for the last time. WOOHOO!! Shofar!!

  9. Junior

    Than you so much Apostle Jennifer for such an Awesome Prophetic word that will set so many free

  10. Michelle Troxler

    RHEMA Word for Me In this Season. So ThankFULL for You Jennifer!!

  11. toni m yancey

    Right on time for me. I just said last night that I need to pull back on watching two Ministries that I just love. I know God wants to show me but I see others and I get confused on what I need to do. I began to seek God in the night and received a dream that I know has to do with what you wrote this morning. God is good and faithful. Thank you Jennifer Claire for your delivery of God’s words.

  12. Bosede

    Thank you for sharing this message. We get so caught up in comparing ourselves with others that we lose touch of our own calling. Of course these comparisons have motivated, inspired and even helped a lot of people to identify and actualize their God given visions but, we need to find that unique path and walk on it. The name of the Lord be praised.

  13. Theresa jackson

    Great word for me on my birthday ! God is awesome ! Xo T shalom

  14. Donna

    WOW! I just lifted up this prayer request last week! I have been so frustrated lately and have been second guessing myself. Thank you, Apostle, for your willingness to share.

    • Pam

      Thank you Dana because I am 63 years old and feel as though I have failed God because I didn’t know my purpose and now I feel as though it’s too late but I will declare my latter days to be better than my former because after all that is His Word.

  15. Elizabeth Thomas

    Thank you for that. We so often compare ourselves to
    others, and forget that God is doing a NEW thing in us.
    I believe this is for me, may God Bless your faithfulness.

  16. Christine Wakhisi

    Thank you for this word;i receive it.

  17. Wendy Gilkean

    Thank you Jennifer. I think many of us are wondering what our purpose is. I know that I do. I feel that the first 50 years have been so trying. I ask the Lird to lead me and take every part of me. I know in him is my only true happiness and worth.

  18. Maria

    Thank you Jennifer for that this revelation so that we are aware of and ask God for forgiveness in this area.

  19. Balzer

    Thank you fJesus or the direction to veer me back on track with your Spirit & Your will In Jesus Name, I Receive It. Amen

    • Balzers


      Balzer on April 9, 2018 at 8:48 pm
      Your comment is awaiting moderation.
      Thank you Jesus for the direction to veer me back on track with your Spirit & Your will In Jesus Name, I Receive It. Amen

  20. Cindy

    This is so timely with the season I am in. I am coming out of a dark time and believing God for great things. Lord, help me keep my focus on You!


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