You can be demonized in your emotions, in your mind, in your body or your physical lusts. But how can you tell or someone you love need deliverance?

Here’s one way: the brick wall test. I’ve seen this over and over again throughout my ministry.


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  1. LaShanda Granson

    I know I need more deliverance. I would live to come in person to the Mass Deliverence. I know it will be a blessing.

  2. Tiffani Latty

    Hello…. I wanted to know your service time on Sunday.

  3. John R Oduwole

    This is a true gospel of Jesus Christ ministry and I want to be part of it. I want to connect my ministry with yours

  4. Tanisha Cooper

    Hi Jennifer, PLEASE answer my question which is: How do you know if a person who claims to be a Christian is POSSESSED vs OPPRESSED by demons? Let me quickly explain:

    Sadly & grievously after 12 yrs of marriage, God “opened my eyes” that my pastor-husband has Narcissistic Personality Disorder, which, spiritually, I’ve come to full knowledge it’s a demon which Satan & the anti-Christ is using in these last days.
    Are you familiar at all with personality disorders? Prior to this AWAKENING, I never knew about NPD, & I constantly now more than EVER, intercede for the church, “the very elect” is being deceived by this evil spirit because they’re, like I was, gullible & naive to these disorders.

    He refuses to repent & has REJECTED God, Jesus & the Holy Spirit – he has a “form of godliness, but denies the power thereof”. SO this being the case of his unrepentance & LIVING a life of sin, it seems he doesn’t have the Holy Spirit & refuses to submit to Jesus, wouldn’t this mean he’s POSSESSED & not OPPRESSED. & how do you discern the difference? Thank you & greatly praise God 4 your powerful ministry & using you 4 truly such a time as this!🙏

  5. Theresa Cuenca

    Great Word….blockages can also be having personal laws that a person puts ABOVE Gods laws. This WILL stop the power of God in our lives. Jesus warned the traditional Jews that their traditions and doctrines made the Word/Will of the God to NO EFFECT! I feel the last issue that is being un-twisted in The Body today is purifying The Church of these twisted doctrines of men. THEN you will see the Power of God POURED OUT THROUGH HIS BODY! HALLELUJAH, it IS coming!

  6. Denise Heard

    Are you ever in the Cleveland, Ohio area ?


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