God has an amazing blueprint for this generation that He wants to reveal through vision. As long as we have vision, we have what we need to grow, progress, and transform the world.


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    That was powerful word,there are so many people in the body of Christ ,Who are on the brink of giving up. because they not seeing God move in there life.But in my own Church these same people are not Reading the Word or seeking God .which is there strength,Some believed that they not living but only existing.And that lie from the pit of hell. they are in Ministry Gifted and Talent people but their prayer life almost nonexistent.If only by reading meditating and get into his presence are we able to withstand the wiles,scheme,of the devil.that where our power lives.

  2. Tracie L. White

    This was so good, awesome reminder. I am currently writing the vision, for my life and ministry. I’m believing God for His connections and friends. I take responsibility for where I am and where God is leading me. I am Willing and Obedient!


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