You are made to go higher!

By Milton K. Smith

I was standing outside the other day and noticed two children who were flying kites. It was a nice breezy Sunday morning and the sight of kites flying made for a storybook spring day. While watching the kites I noticed the constant tug-o-war between the kite and the child. The more the kite attempted to pull up and away the child was pulling it equally as hard down to the ground.

The kite was designed to utilize the force of the air to rise upward. However, it could not fully achieve its maximum potential. The kite was subjected to the person holding the string. The more the kite struggled to be free the more the holder of the string pulled back the kite. The kite with the assistance of the wind tried and tried to ascend higher reaching and pulling towards its destiny. Yet, the holder of the string sternly held the kite beneath its potential. It was at that moment; I realized that the kite shared the same reality as many of us do each day.

The kite had the potential to reach immeasurable heights. There was nothing between the kite and the sky. Destiny was in view and success was in reach. The only thing stopping the kite was the holder of the string. For many the only thing stopping them is the person holding the string. You have been trying and struggling to break free and soar yet, there is no change in altitude. You can see the goal and can feel the warmth of the success but every step forward is replace with two steps backwards. Just when you cross one hill there seems to be two more valleys, constant rivers to cross, and endless mountains to climb. Perhaps you should look to see who or what is holding your string.

Could it be that you are being held in place by a string holder of hate, unforgiveness, lies and depression? Are past mistakes, mishaps and bad decisions constantly pulling you back down to the ground?
If you can relate to the kite then you should take this opportunity to cut the string that is in the hand of that holder so you can be free to soar.
Unlike the kite you have the power and authority to reach endless possibilities. Don’t allow the holder of the string to keep you from soaring higher. Cut the string and leave the holder behind!

Milton is the pastor of Empowering Grace Christian Center. He obtained his Bachelor of Science in Physics and Master of Science in biology from Virginia State University in Ettrick, Va. He earned his Doctor of Theology from the Guadalupe Baptist Theological Seminary in San Antonio, Tx. Dr. Smith served as an adjunct professor at St. Phillips College in San Antonio and Councilman for the City of Converse, Texas.  As a freelance writer, Milton was a contributing columnist for, an online magazine in San Antonio, Texas.  He has also written articles for the Beacon. He published his first book, For Sale or For Rent, in 2007.

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