One act of obedience can change the course of a nation and a generation.

By Dawn Hill

A few years ago, the Lord sent me on an adventure through the Books of Kings, and He started speaking to me about the rise of Josiah’s mandate. Though the original post was published in April 2016, God has had me revisit this and re-release this word.  I remember when God showed me revelation about King Josiah and what he did during his reign. I believe this is a timely word for the hour we are in as a nation as He raises up temple cleansers and idol smashers.

Before Josiah came on the scene, he had hundreds of years of idolatry as his heritage and foundation. Most people with a pedigree like Josiah’s would have counted themselves unqualified to answer the high call, but God sets His seal upon the unqualified, and He will not deny a repentant heart. King Josiah was a revolutionary revivalist and reformer of his time, and his mandate is as relevant now as it was then.

Josiah cleanses the temple and smashes the idols

It was in the eighteenth year of Josiah’s reign that this king embraced the mantle upon his life. It began with the order to repair the temple, an undertaking more prophetic than intended. Soon after repairs began, the high priest found the Book of the Law in the temple, having been forgotten among the barrage of idols.

Upon hearing the words of the Book,  Josiah wasted no time in bringing an onslaught to the kingdom of darkness. He was relentless in his pursuit of tearing down strongholds so that God would be exalted. To many, dethronement of false gods having ruled for centuries in the land would seem insurmountable, but no devil can outmatch God. One act of obedience can change the course of a nation and a generation.

Josiah understood that God did not tolerate misdirected worship. He removed pagan vessels from the holy temple. He deposed pagan priests, and he destroyed pagan altars and Asherah poles. He defiled the area dedicated to Molech for child sacrifice. He destroyed altars erected by his own grandfather. He defiled high places of paganism that King Solomon had established. He removed the mediums, necromancers, household gods, and idols from his land. He reestablished the Passover feast, something that had not been done since the days of the judges. (2 Kings 23) What had taken hundreds of years to erect came crashing down in one year.

Josiah not only confronted the false gods in his kingdom of Judah, but he brought the charge to the kingdom of Israel and assaulted the places of pagan worship. Neither kingdom escaped judgment for their infidelity to God, but Josiah was heard by God, and he delayed judgment with his repentance and radical obedience.

Cleanse the temples and smash the idols!

God is raising up temple cleansers and idol smashers in this hour. He is searching the hearts of His people and purifying those who would bow to His will and submit to His instruction. Though generations in one’s family may have chosen another god, all it takes is one to change the course of history. It only takes a remnant to hear the instruction and repent on behalf of the land. The Father is looking for those who are fearless and faithful, revolutionary reformers who will conquer the places surrendered to the devil. His heart is turned to those who will rend their hearts for His truth.

Much like today, sin was tolerated and lifted up as a standard to follow. While idolatry and evil practices have been welcomed into the church, the call to holiness is touted by many as too costly or unobtainable. We have little understanding that holiness is a call to know Jesus. Even now, it brings tears to my eyes as I hear the Lord saying, “Sin has been given an altar in my temples, my people“. The Word of God has been forgotten among the barrage of idols in the temples of the Holy One. We need to hear the Word of the Lord once again, answering the call to honor His covenant while saturating ourselves in holiness that only comes through intimacy with Christ.

I see those who would answer the mandate warring in the Spirit against every lofty thing that would exalt itself against the knowledge of God, bringing it into captivity to obey Jesus Christ.(2 Corinthians 10:4) I see a great move of God where cries of repentance and intercession are on the lips of those who hunger for holiness. We are hungry for Him. I see a people remembering the power of the Blood of Jesus, the Passover Lamb.

I see prophetic wrecking balls wiping out idols, smashing them into oblivion. The only way to obliterate idols is to unwaveringly choose Jesus. Whatever has our affections has our worship. I see Josiahs being raised up with the sanction of consecration in their stride. It is not based on a haughty attitude, but confidence found in a personal identity in Christ. God hears those who would weep and repent on behalf of a nation, and in His mercy, He delays judgment so that others may rise up to love Him and to defy the enemy.

Dawn Hill is a prophetic voice and writer known as the Lovesick Scribe. Her ministry focuses on passionately pursuing the Bridegroom while encouraging others to do the same. She serves at Impact HUB in Bristol, Virginia, training and equipping fellow believers to hear the voice of God and to function in the gift of prophecy. She resides in Virginia with her husband and daughter.

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