In this hour, the enemy is attacking in many ways.

Call it a Job 1 season.
In this video, Jennifer outlines an attack in an airplane, car, house, physical body and church and prays against these assignments manifesting in your life.
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  1. erik

    Thank God for insurance, right? Hopefully, praying they’ll pay you out quickly.

  2. Chrissy

    Yes Jennifer.O my goodness.I was just telling my friends and Pastor I felt like Job.While he was yet speaking.Bam bam bam.Everything is going wrong but I said to my Heavenly Father I see Him as invisible in all this and I have respect unto the recompense of reward.In all this I have been worshiping & I repeated Job`s words,Though you may slay me yet will I praise Him.

  3. Be Lochner

    Thank you! I came to my room in frustration over the attacks on my household and saw your email with this message! God is so good to give me your word of encouragement just as I am seeking “the keys” and I am praying for your attacks as well.

  4. Diana Hickman

    Thank you Jennifer. I appreciate your ministry and want you to know I am reading your devotional book every day and I love it! Its the first book I pick up in the early mornings, Mornings With the Holy Spirit. Actually I have had it for 3 years and it’s always a blessing. I am donating to your ministry. God bless!

  5. Bobby Jones

    Ive went through this Job bam for two years now but God …


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