Jennifer LeClaire teaches about the leviathan spirit during her time in Hong Kong. The Leviathan spirit is gaining ground. Find out more about leviathan and other water spirits in Jennifer’s book. You can find it here:


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  1. Debbie Hunter

    Please pray for my husband from narsasisim the spirit of Jezebel and laviathin , he needs deliverance .

  2. Debbie Hunter

    Please pray for my husband and the spirit of Jezebel and laviathin and narsasisim .

  3. Jennifer Spears

    Glory be to God a few years ago I believe the Lord led my hand in drawing and I did not realize until now what maybe the image. This creature was n a few of the drawings…one I recall was a defense of an attack and bringing dead to life in another location.

    • Michael Cowley

      Hi Jennifer Spears. Can you elaborate more on this? I have had an encounter with this principality. It stole my dream and my ministry. I never knew what it was that had hit me til 9 months later when I received a revelation concerning this thieving, prideful, lying thing.

  4. LaToya

    Thank you, Apostle for this great teaching. I have cried and repented and have already recognized my breakthrough. Leviathan was tormenting my mind, my gift of seeing. I was prideful in my testimonies. I was prideful in my humility to obedience. I thought I was better than people. I have finally realized that some of my thoughts were not even mime. Thank you so much , Apostle.

  5. Sumathi

    Thank you for this teaching and prayer.

  6. Rachel Gonzalez

    I purchased the book after watching your video teaching on Leviathan. I moved to Florida a few years ago and Leviathan has attacked my family through my teenage son. Help me pray for him to repent and humble himself before the Lord. His name is Elijah.


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