A Python spirit is raging. Less than two weeks ago, I took four steps out of my reading chair when my foot suddenly went numb and my ankle popped. That all but paralyzed me for several days. I went to church on crutches and preached on God’s will anyway.

On our way to to Kansas City for my prophetic intercessors retreat, the plane engine blew and we had to make an emergency landing. Our car nearly tipped over the rain, we were locked out of our rental house in the storm, and our church building collapsed back home and was all over the news.

The source, demons empowered by false prophet word curses. In this vlog, I share the experience and how to pray in the midst of an onslaught.



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  1. Lashay

    Wow look the number 1111 address of the home. That number follows me everywhere. Praying you guys. God is in control

  2. Connie

    I am looking for the information on
    Why I Need to Break Word Curses and Witchcraft Daily But the vlog only talks about pressing on even through the onslaught of the enemy. Is there more information somewhere else? Thank you.

  3. Susan Jones

    Hello prophet,

    I believe what I have too say is from God although I am somewhat apprehensive to share what I saw in the spirit regarding your journey to Kansas City. I will obey the Lord and ask you to cover what I believe the Lord is saying. I want nothing more than to be completely accurate in my interpretation of the events the occurred and how they apply to you and the people in your sphere of influence. First, in the spirit I saw the Holy Spirit bringing correction-please note I highly respect your ministry and I
    do not want to offend you. From beginning to the end of your journey it seemed to be God speaking in such a great magnitude. I could point out all the symbolism but I think it would be best to convey the message rather than all the events. I felt like the Lord is saying watch your step to avoid certain injury in your walk, (hence your injury) secondly your platform and where your ministry (plane) is taking you (what’s driving you) (your heart) and fueling the engine of your ministry to avoid a crash-the child that was with you- and his name- JUDAH-God’s work is finished through the cross-Jesus the LION of Judah-the back and forth from each gate from 12 to 34 -12-meaning order-and the number 34-which I believe the realization of the work of the Jesus. I believe the 34 represents a mindset regarding certain teachings- The collapse of the building-a wrong foundation that requires rebuilding or restoration. How the enemy was trying to stop the work of God-but how the Lord divinely intervened every instance. The rental house you couldn’t unlock the door-and the address 11117 4 ones-angelic activity and 7 completion- bringing revelation to something and its necessary completion to finish what he has appointed you to do. I pray that the Lord further brings you more insight to these events and I pray a covering over all he reveals to you. I am certain he showed you all the things I saw, but the rental house you stayed at seems to have more significance than what was shown on the video. I am certain the LORD showed even more to you. I am curious if the number 34 came up again at any other time during your travels. What the flight number was, or the number of the seat you sat in or any other prophetic occurrences not reflected in the video. I have certainty that there was much more that occurred. I ask the Lord to bring you revelation for the next steps and direction of the ministry he has given you. God bless you.


    Wouldn’t you know it! Unable to open download to to virus threat?????
    Is there another way I can download?

    Thank you!

  5. Helen


    You are so encouraging to me and my family.
    Your devotional Mornings with the HOLY SPIRIT has carried us through the past year of pain and learning.

    The Spirit speaks Thank-you Father!

  6. Lorita Johnson

    My boyfriend was in a bad motorcycle crash he’s in rehab. I took my sister with me to visit him. When I returned to the car my other sister was on the phone saying that what he gets. I couldn’t believe she was releasing curses over his life.

  7. Pamela Beatty

    Oh….my…..gosh!!!!! This video made me tear up!!!! You guys are so precious!!! Thank you so much for sharing this!!!!! I am new to the prophetic world and I am in shock that all of that happened!!! Your attitudes bless my heart and I will remember how you handled all of it!!! And then the beautiful video footage of the powerful times you had there in Kansas City!!! I am so sorry to hear that people have spoken evil over you….breaks my heart!! I pray that soon you all experience such beautiful encounters from people that go our of their way to LOVE and BLESS you guys!!!! SISTER HUGS!!!!!!!

    • DEBORAH Phillips

      May the hand of almighty remain w you as you are pushing through

  8. 'Tosin

    May the Lord continually keep you and yours going by His grace.
    By the supply of God’s Spirit and the prayer of the saints what you are going through and have gone through will turn around for your breakthrough.
    Although it’s easier said than done, when series of difficult situations like this arise, the best thing to do through it all is to praise and thank God continually. It will drive the enemy mad and bring great deliverances.

  9. Eric Clouse

    Jennifer I don’t know if you realized this but the number on the place you’se got locked out of was 11117. Immediately God spoke Deuteronomy 1:11 followed by the number 17. Of Course Deuteronomy 1:11 Is know for the 1,000 fold blessing, and the #17 is known for Complete Victory, and Overcoming the Enemy.

    Deuteronomy 1:11
    May the LORD, the God of your ancestors, increase you a thousand times and bless you as he has promised!

    God then spoke to me about Job and how his house collapsed on his children relating it to your building collapsing. He is saying He will restore to you, and you will have complete victory over the enemy in every area of your life. What the enemy meant for your harm, God is gonna turn around for your good, and I stand on faith with you over all of these promises in Jesus name, and may your health be increased as well as your wealth and the resources poring in to do the work of the ministry, and fund the Kingdom. God Bless you eternally, Eric


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