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  1. Tina S. Bane

    Hi!Ma’am Jennifer, I’ve read the free chapters offered by your book 101 Spiritual Warfare Tactics and i was really blessed. Would it be possible if i can just purchase not the actual copy of your book but the one that i can download . How much will it cost me, i prefer it because the paperback copy will reach me longer since i am from the Philippines. Thank you very much. Tina S. Bane

  2. Julie Baldacchino

    There is another aspect of this. I am being made to look totally different than I am. The enemy is using cyberbullying,mind control,false images,lying neighbours who defame me. Worms that they say they have inplanted in my body.showing me images of my children and family being murdered.They are saying they are from Cern.And also about demon possession.they are telling me to insert a fly into my body.and they want me to give up my life to Satan


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