Tattoos are controversial in the body of Christ, but that doesn’t stop many Christians from getting inked up.

Is getting tattoos a sin? Does it stink in the nostrils of God? Should ministers have tattoos?

Joyce Meyer sounds off in this video. You may be surprised at what she says—but she has scriptures to back it up. Amen, Joyce!


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  1. CDR

    Her teaching is a bit skewed. The reason that tattoos are forbidden in the Bible is that in ancient times tattoos were not for decorative purposes. Pagans tattooed the names of their gods on themselves, which indicated who they belonged to (remember that pagan gods are demonic). Also slaves were tattooed to show who they belonged to. Tattoos were the mark of slavery and bondage, physically and spiritually. The Lord forbid this from His people because they were not to be in bondage. They were to belong only to Him and were not to have any graven images, which included tattoos. She might want to check the history a bit more closely. Can those who have tattoos be saved? Of course, but should one get tattoos once they are a Christian? Might want to be careful with that. CDR, D. Min.

    • Michelle

      Can you quote a scripture to support your comment?

      • John Shipton

        The Bible forbids getting inscribed on our bodies with any tattoo but the ways of the world has infiltrated the so called Christian Church that it has become unrecognisable to biblical practices and doctrine in comparison to the New Testament Church. Every thing now goes in the sight of Almighty God but then who cares how we mock Him, ridicule His written Word, and teach another gospel.
        Having said that, Word of Faith preachers make it up as they go along by using their followers and the Church for their own purposes who are being hood winked anyway.
        Todd Bentley restarted the fad followed by Christian pop groups who do the circuits in the Church set up.
        Hear what he did involving his family and notice the following comments plus he himself covered with tattoos. God told him to do this and that in the name of Jesus as shown here on
        Another false prophet still doing his rounds!
        But then, as with being tattooed for Jesus what about the Mark of the Beast which people are being processed and indoctrinated to do regarding the promotion of a cashless society?
        Joyce Meyer preaches her perverted prosperity teaching which she thrives on in order build her empire. She joins many who hog Christian TV channels.
        Listen to the late David Wilkerson and his warning about the situation emerging on Hear him expose the shenanigans of another WoF on and how people are being fooled by false teachings of the Apostate Church now in the midst on

    • Shannon

      This exactly. I got many tattoos before being saved. After, the Holy Spirit convicted me and spoke this exact truth. I’ve asked for forgiveness and repented, but I would still get them all removed if I could.

  2. Sepora Jacobs

    Isaiah 49:16 kjv…. doesn’t say tattoos….
    it says.. Behold I have “graven” thee upon the palm of my hands, thy walls are continually before me…

  3. VSK


  4. Karyn Maddox

    Thank you for speaking the truth. When I read this I refuse to listen to her again.


    As God calls me higher,I discover that I must be careful not to judge others, for with the same judgement I judge others, I too will be judged! But rather pray for them! For I may find myself in the same place some day they are in, teaching others, & held accountable before God! So ask God to convict their heart by showing them their mistake & cause them to retract what they previously taught everyone! In this way, they, as well as everyone else, will benefit!

    • Mizzmendoza

      Amen!! We don’t have the right to judge!! We will be held accountable!!

  6. Nataline

    Religion, religious demons. I was given a vision of a tattoo while in church praying. And yes after debating myself with what religion had taught me for years, I had 3 different confirmations about getting one.

  7. Jmj

    8 out of 10 comments denounce what Meyer says. That should say something to those that want to believe her.

  8. Joy Christian

    If God wanted us to have tattoos He would of done it by
    Birth, and it would look wonderful for a reason, some
    People have birthmarks for a reason, in Ephesians 5v27
    It say’s about spot and blemish. Remember all truth is
    Parallel, what it is in the spirit so it is in the natural. God
    Has given our skin to look after it. So shalom shalom to

  9. Natassha

    Leviticus 19:28
    “Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the LORD.”


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